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Want something different?


Are you interested in purchasing one of my apparal products but can't find a design you love? No problem! Feel free to request a specific image which you would like to have put on a t-shirt, hat or other product. I will be happy to create a custom product just for you!


All you have to do is take a look at my gallery, pick a piece you want to wear, and send me a message (using the form on the "contact" page)! Here are a few things wich you should be sure to include in your request:

1. type of product (i.e; shirt, hat)

2. style of product (i.e; v-neck, sweatshirt)

3. size of product (if necesary-you won't have to worry about this for hats!)

4. colour of product (what's your favorite?) 

Most importantly, don't forget to tell me the title (listed below each work in the gallery) of the piece you'd like.

Keep in mind that prices for a custom item will likely be slightly higher than the prices for the same type of item that already exists in the shop.


Now you can have any piece in my gallery as a piece of fun apparal that is sure to bring joy into your day whenever you wear it! :)


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